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Trutex is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of school uniform across the UK.

A Brief Summary


Upgrading all of the cabling and 28 Meraki access installed around their Clitheroe warehouse.

There’s much more connectivity around the warehouse...we have greater connectivity across the whole business.”

The Situation

Established in 1865 as the Clitheroe Shirting Company, the business has been manufacturing under the Trutex brand since the 1920s. With a growing customer base of stores, independent retailers and schools around the country, Trutex is heavily reliant on IT in order to receive, manufacture and deliver orders accurately. Wi-Fi is an integral business tool for Trutex, as it allows their warehouse staff to work ‘on the move’. That functionality is vital to the success of their operation and when the existing SonicWALL solution began to fade at their Clitheroe site, it caused problems with productivity and costly packing errors.

Our Solution

Concorde came to the Trutex site in Clitheroe over the Christmas holidays to minimize disruption. After upgrading all the cabling, 28 Meraki access points were installed around the warehouse, which has dramatically improved the performance of Trutex’s Wi-Fi.

The Customer's Opinion

“There’s much more connectivity around the warehouse, which means people can retrieve the orders and pack the uniforms much more quickly and accurately,” says Trutex’s IT Manager. “In actual fact, we were so impressed with what Concorde did on our warehouse we decided to have the same technology installed in our offices - now we have greater connectivity across the whole business.”

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